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We are helping to find the most suitable investment and commercial prospects..

Everywhere in our world if you Connect with the Best Counterparts sure This has the consequence of changing your life from the Good to the best !
just you are inited to join our New Group “Industry opportunity ” you are welcome .

We are involved in international scale in many CSP projects !

We are involved in international scale in many  CSP projects and seeking a strong Financial support . @
Executable INTEREST RATE During our partnership :
We can  provides a 300% /2 return over 30 months (2.5 years). This is the same as an annual compounded interest rate of approximately 71.62% applied over 2.5 years, (pls shown [...]

International Project Financing of World Capital Investment Group ! Our Loan program in 2014 (Not required A Personal guarantee)

Procedure :
•Project Submission Form.
•Executive Summary and Business Plan
•Principal’s Resume with background and experience
•Profit and Loss Projection
•Use of Funds Projection
•Client Information Sheet.
•Copy of Passport
Proof of Funds as per Program Requirements. This will require a Ready Willing and Able
Letter (RWA) from your Banker, Accountant or Attorney attesting that you have the
necessary funds available .( Each Project [...]